Support our church by giving online, in person or by mail

As we begin our new church, your financial support is essential as we deal with start-up expenses and work towards a sustainable budget. Because we’re new, we don’t have a history of giving to base our budget on which makes recurring gifts especially valued as we plan for the months to come!

Automatic recurring gifts are a great way to give—for you and for the church.

There are two ways to do online recurring gifts.

  1. Register at our secure online giving site and you can give recurring gifts that are charged to your credit card. This tab also works for one-time gifts, also much appreciated.
  2. Contact your bank or credit union to set up automatic bill pay options for giving. You can choose to have the bank mail a check to the church or arrange for a direct deposit option.
  3. If you have any questions or run into any glitches, please contact Caroline Kittle using our contact form.

Give by check

You can mail checks or deposit them in the offering basket that is passed during Sunday services (cash donations are accepted on Sundays, as well). Make checks payable to: Blue Ocean Faith, Ann Arbor. Mailing Address: 2301 Packard Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Support Blue Ocean Faith Ann Arbor

Use online giving for a one-time donation or to schedule a recurring gift.

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Become a Member

At Blue Ocean, we have a one year renewable membership process. Most of our members give and serve, but some are members from afar. If you’d like to sign up as a member for 2018, please fill out this form.

2018 Membership Signup

A word to out-of-town supporters

Many of you know that a church like this is a new feature on the Christian landscape. As congregations like ours get established and flourish, others will be encouraged to do the same. Consider making a one-time gift, or better yet, an online recurring gift to support this mission. Contact us if you’d like to be included on our mailing list for updates.