The season of Lent (the 40 days before Easter) is upon us. In the Christian tradition, Lent is a community-wide retreat—a time to pray, abstain from excess, and focus on Jesus. We call our communal Lenten experience A Peaceful Prelude because of the introspective nature of Lent in the lead-up to Christianity’s greatest celebration: the resurrection.

Ready, Set, Lent!

We’ve attached a Lenten booklet that contains most of our Lent information. Feel free to download and print. It contains information on our collective prayer practices for the Lenten season.

Sundays During Lent
Someone wise once said, “This is what prayer, it seems to me, most deeply is: prayer is the formation and direction of desire.” When we pray, we open our hearts to become shaped and formed by a Spirit of love. In the Christian tradition there are many ways to pray and imagine how prayer works. We’ll look at (and experiment with) many forms of prayer during the six weeks of Lent.”

Recommended Reading
Phyllis Tickle: A LifeOur featured book for Lent is the new biography of Phyllis Tickle called Phyllis Tickle: A Life by Jon M. Sweeney. We won’t be using the book specifically for our sermon series, but we will take a Sunday to talk about The Divine Hours, a prayer book she complied. Phyllis was a friend and mentor to Ken and shaped our concept of inclusive spirituality. The story of Ken working through his path to full inclusion is in the book (briefly!). We thought you might enjoy reading it along with us. The book can be purchased at: http://amzn.to/2sfqncK.

Daily Sarum Prayer Emails
Receive a daily email with a brief meditation on a line of the Sarum Prayer (God be in my head, etc.) This will be our “featured daily prayer” during Lent. If you are on our “Weekly Update” email list you will initially receive these emails daily during Lent. You can unsubscribe from the Lenten emails at any time without removing yourself from the Weekly Update list. You can also sign up for the Lenten Sarum Prayer emails directly through this form: http://eepurl.com/djCQxb.

My Psalms Journal (For KIDS 5 and up, and the young at heart)
We have a simple daily journal based on the Psalms, for parents to use with their younger children. We will make hard copies available at Sunday School, or you can download and print. (Thanks to Christina Roberts at Foundry 414, a church in the Blue Ocean network in Madison, WI.)

Lenten Dinner Groups
We have some time-limited small groups starting up for Lent (weekly or less frequently). Most involve a simple meal, touching base on your lenten practices, or just connecting. Contact us if you’re interested in joining a Lenten Dinner Group.

Easter Sunday Water Baptism
Never been baptized, but want to be? Lent is the traditional season to get ready for baptism. We have purchased a baptistry (water tank, suitable for immersion) that we will set up for Easter Sunday, April 1. During the service, we will baptize any comers! Let us know if you are interested. In case you were wondering, we respect both infant and believer’s baptism (a disputable matter, right?). And if you were baptized as an infant and wish to renew that with a full immersion baptism you are welcome to do so. We also do sprinkling instead of immersion if you prefer. Again, just let us know.

PDF files

2018 Lenten Experience Handbook
My Psalms Journal (For KIDS 5 and up, and the young at heart)